Build applications using our brand new API

Chuck, Elmo and myself have been busy working on bringing the community a modern way to build applications that use the data from our game servers including all of the public CityDriving statistics. And now it’s ready for public consumption.

Until now, third-party applications relied on scraping data from the old InSim web pages which was an inherently unmaintainable way of building robust software. Our solution was to build a REST API which serves simple chunks of JSON for you to use in your applications. Our API provides a safe and maintanable way for you to request data without the need to pull apart web pages.

What sort of data can I get hold of?

We currently offer APIs for grabbing the statuses of our game servers and Discord server, plus all public CityDriving statistics.

We plan on adding more APIs soon but since we were happy with the range of APIs we can already provide, we wanted to get it into your hands.

When can I start using it?

Right now!

Our API is ready to use today. All of the information you need to get started including some guides for beginners can be found at:

[TC] Gaming API Documentation:

Developer Forum

We are hoping that a number of our community will want to jump in and start building cool things with our API so we’ve opened up a new subforum for developers to share and discuss their projects and to get help if they need it:

[TC] Gaming Developer Forum:

That’s all for now but please let us know what you think and put forward any suggestions for anything we can improve or any guides we can write to help you get the most out of the API.

Until next time!